The Allotment


Today we are visiting the Bells Hill allotments. We are hoping to find some interesting plants.


We found a interesting plant called chad


We found some Strawberries and here are some fun facts

 Strawberries Have 33 cal per hundred grams.

Strawberries and the only fruit weather seeds on the outside. Strawberries  are a member of the Rose family

Dover transport


Last week i went to Dover transport museum it was so fun and i learnt a lot,

of course I brought my camera to take pictures here are a thew that I liked, hope you enjoy✔✔📷📸

We all hope to go back one day for another blog with even more amazing pictures

we really recommend it for those in Kent or who are thinking of going like us.

Searching for Tadpoles


Today is the day we will be searching for some Tadpoles.

B9775CF9-F4DA-494F-B391-C90F56F23A73This is where we are hoping to find some tadpoles.

201F46EB-0311-4A8C-ABC4-AD52CA2E6CC8We then grabbed a empty plastic bottle and plunged it into the lake for a few seconds before pulling it out and and finding……EE30DA73-9EF8-4FAA-88A8-0ED1567764FCabout 200 strange,tiny orange fish or microorganisms 🤔🤔🤔😱😱😱 We don’t know what they are but animals and nature blog are working hard to find out, we will be back as soon as possible.