A few close ups

Although starting mid 2018, using only an old 2003 Sanyo wasn’t easy, the amount we have proggressed here at Blogtography has made a massive change on the way I look at nature and the world around me. Living in London, one of the biggest cities in the world didnt give me a great headstart at all, although one of the biggest skills that i’ve only just recently learnt is to atleast attempt to locate the hidden dephths and details around us. Although not even in my teens I hope to be able to travel when i’m older and if you have a dream, persue it. I have yet to reach my goal but this blog is the headstart for me. Upgrading to the 2006 Canon EOS 400D has helped me a lot I still belive truely it was you viewers that persuaded me to keep on going. ”The camera you use, does not play a roll in the photograph you create, the location you live in, does not play a roll in the photograph you create, the times you go through, does not play a roll in the photograph you create yet the person taken the picture matters the most”.

Here are some close up images taken with the default lens and the Canon 400D, these images were taken in London, Wembly Park around midday, just the perfect lighting meaning the small flash was not needed.

I hope you enjoy and have a great evening.

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  1. Dexter says:

    Sorry about the amount of bragging : ( first blog in months so hope to lower the percentage of bragging soon enough

    Trying to attempt to post weekly but not always kept up,

    But on the bright side Bali Indonesia trip for 3 weeks 23rd of July I am going to try and do blog every two days if not daily on things to do in Bali yet I apologise if post times are changed as time zones would have changed, just over a week 🙂 can’t wait,

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