The story of Animalsandnatureblog—ANB—AAN—Blogtography


Hope you all had an amazing February 1st, I just wanted to say I hope you’re enjoying our blogs as the theme has changed since 2018. We have just started a new website as we were on Wix before, I will now tell you the story of our blog, it was April 1st I had just come back from an amazing day at school as it was April fools day, I finally got home and I knew I was to be home alone for a few hours, I got my laptop ready to watch a film when I saw an advert for Godaddy another website builder. I clicked on the link, it took me to the Godaddy website but I accidentally clicked off, I searched Godaddy .com, and it came up with up with loads of choices. I saw a and clicked, I made a website called Animalsandnatureblog with the address It was a month until I got a Personal Plan on WordPress and made It . Then we also changed from Animalsandnatureblog to ANB. Now it is August 2018 I feel the Personal Plan isn’t enough so I move to wix, It takes me 4 months to realise Wix is not good for a blog, it is now 2019 January and I want to move back to wordpress, I do and here we are now. Blogtography.

History of the logo


Hope you enjoyed


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